Ararat Terminal Station – Synchronous Condenser

Currently in development phase, AEO will be extending the Ararat Terminal Station to include a synchronous condenser (syncon).

A syncon is a device similar to a large motor that is used to regulate voltage in the network and stabilise the power system in the event of unexpected faults. It will be housed in a building directly adjacent to the existing facility.

The project has recently been granted planning approval and will soon be transitioning into the construction phase.

This page will be updated before construction commences with further details on the project and information relevant to the community.

If there is any feedback relating to the project please contact us at

Elaine Terminal Station – Mt Mercer Wind Farm

AEO built, owns and operates the connection for the Mt Mercer Wind Farm to the existing electrical transmission network via a newly built 21km 132kV power line and the newly built Elaine Terminal Station (ELTS) in Victoria. The terminal station steps the voltage up from 132kV to 220kV allowing the electricity to be distributedacross the national grid.

The project was delivered on time, in 14 months, with zero lost time injuries

Ararat Terminal Station – Ararat Wind Farm

AEO designed, constructed, owns, and operates the terminal station as well as the 21 km of 132kV powerlines that support Australia’s third largest wind farm at Ararat.  This station connects 75 wind turbines, producing 242 MW of clean, renewable, and secure power for the national electricity grid.

The Ararat Terminal Station, and the associated wind farm project, marks a significant step forward in supporting the Australian renewable energy market, taking advantage of the more favourable investment environment for such projects.

The project was delivered ahead of schedule.